Revolution Cymbal Sizzler

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Revolution Cymbal Sizzler

$119.95 $149.95
Product description

A New Class Of Sizzlers Has Arrived 

Introducing the Brass Cymbal Sizzler, the latest collaboration between Cherry Hill & Revolution Drum. This Sizzler is the perfect addition to any drummer's arsenal. The Revolution Sizzler is manufactured to the highest standard with top quality brass, ensuring a long-lasting, durable product that will withstand even the most intense drumming sessions.

The unique design of this sizzler allows for a wide range of adjustments to accommodate different size cymbals as well as customize the level of sizzle to your personal preference and playing style. This versatile and durable sizzler is sure to be a valuable addition to any drummer's setup.

The sizzler can be played by attaching to the cymbal stand, creating a new level of expression and creativity to your drumming. Whether you're a professional drummer or just starting out, this brass cymbal sizzler is a must-have accessory. Its versatility and quality make it a valuable addition to any drum set and a great tool to enhance your playing.




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