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Firefly Dynamic Tuning Device Firefly Dynamic Tuning Device
Firefly Dynamic Tuning Device $19.95 $24.95
BACK IN STOCK & SHIPPING OUT STARTING THIS WEEK! Your New Favorite Drum Key  The Patented Firefly is perhaps the most efficient and durable drum key available on the market. The unique silent and smooth ratcheting system gets you the ultra precise tuning that has eluded Drummers from the beginning. The Firefly addresses every issue you've had with a drum key. This design makes head changes a breeze while providing you precise control of your tuning. The Firefly is CNC machined from stainless steel and utilizes a german made bearing for years of use. Add this incredibly practical tool to your drumming arsenal. We are so confident in the quality and the fact that you will love The Firefly that we offer a 5 Week Free Trial and a 5 year guarantee.   
"Chopping Block" Teak Edition $119.95 $169.95
A High-Quality, Low-Volume, Natural-Feeling Pad with Supreme Class and Style Our Chopping Block teak-edition professional practice pad features a super-durable proprietary playing surface that took several years to develop to deliver just the right amount of rebound while also providing a solid workout. The 9.5-inch pad is affixed to a beautiful 11-inch solid-teak base with a non-slip silicone bottom that doubles as a high-rebound secondary playing surface.  The Chopping Block's exclusively engineered polyurethane pad offers unmatched performance, quality, and longevity. And unlike with many other practice pads, the Chopping Block's playing surfaces won't wear out or lose their realistic feel or rebound over time.   We use teak for the base rather than cheaper plywood options because teak is known as the king of hardwoods due to its incredible strength and moisture-resistant characteristics.   We use non-slip silicone for the underside of the pad rather than cheaper plastic and foam options because of its enhanced strength and eco-friendly makeup. Silicone lasts much longer and offers unparalleled rebound.    As you can see, we spared no expense when designing the Chopping Block teak-edition professional practice pad. All our efforts focused solely on providing you with the highest-quality and most effective tool conceivable to keep you inspired to hone your craft as much and as often as possible.
TruTones™ Drum Dampers 6pk TruTones™ Drum Dampers 6pk
TruTones™ Drum Dampers 6pk $12.95 $17.95
Out of stock, check back soon. Bring out the best tones your snare and toms have to offer with the aid of TruTones from Revolution Drum Accessories. Engineered and perfected with input from some of the world’s top touring drummers, TruTones offer an effective alternative to the oily and low-lifespan gel packs of years past. Featuring Revolution’s proprietary material, these naturally tacky dampeners drastically neutralize over-ring from your drums, leaving you with the dampened and tonally-pleasing sound you want, free of characterless deadening. Drummers worldwide love the longevity of TruTones, never losing shape and reactivating their natural grip after just a simple wash with soap and water. This 6-pack comes with two standard 1-3/8-inch pads and four micro 1-inch pads, giving you the versatility to integrate as much or as little dampening as you need into your sound. And they pack up into a hardcase that fits perfectly into your gig bag, so your live sound will stay just as fine-tuned as in the studio.
T-LOKS™ Tension Rod Locking System T-LOKS™ Tension Rod Locking System
T-LOKS™ Tension Rod Locking System $15.00
The patented T-Loks were designed to solve the perpetual problem of tension rods coming loose. The solid brass chrome plated T-Loks are designed to screw right on tension rods and create a locking effect directly under the hoops. Each package contains 5 T-LOKS™ with 5 neoprene washers. * TLD Series are for DW/PDP PLEASE SEE SIZING GUIDE BEFORE ORDERING  


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