TruTones™ Drum Dampers 6pk

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TruTones™ Drum Dampers 6pk

$12.95 $17.95
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Bring out the best tones your snare and toms have to offer with the aid of TruTones from Revolution Drum Accessories. Engineered and perfected with input from some of the world’s top touring drummers, TruTones offer an effective alternative to the oily and low-lifespan gel packs of years past. Featuring Revolution’s proprietary material, these naturally tacky dampeners drastically neutralize over-ring from your drums, leaving you with the dampened and tonally-pleasing sound you want, free of characterless deadening. Drummers worldwide love the longevity of TruTones, never losing shape and reactivating their natural grip after just a simple wash with soap and water. This 6-pack comes with two standard 1-3/8-inch pads and four micro 1-inch pads, giving you the versatility to integrate as much or as little dampening as you need into your sound. And they pack up into a hardcase that fits perfectly into your gig bag, so your live sound will stay just as fine-tuned as in the studio.



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